Itasca Historical Depot Museum

Itasca Historical Depot Museum

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Okay history lovers, it’s time to geek out. I recently visited a site showcasing a very specific history – that of the Village of Itasca.

20140408_154501cropThe Itasca Historical Depot Museum is housed in the original 1873 train station, built when rail lines were brought to what is now Itasca. When you step inside, it feels both old and new at the same time. The fresh paint and refurbished wood floors give it the look of new construction, but the artifacts and information remind you that this building is, in fact, over 140 years old.20140408_153502crop

With its location in a historic train depot, you will definitely find train and railway memorabilia. There are old train tickets, an official railroad clock, a model train, and even an actual 1939 caboose out back.

Did you know that the time on a train station railroad clock was considered “official time” in that day and age? Without radio or modern timekeeping as we know it, depot agents would reset the clock each morning according to the railroad’s daily report, and people would set their watches to it. I find that fascinating. It makes perfect sense, but I am both blessed and cursed to have grown up in a world dominated by cellular phones.

Even if you’re not into trains, this museum is bound to have something that interests you. An entire display case is devoted to the founder of Itasca and his belongings, including his top hat and medical bag. There’s a typewriter, a telegraph key, and an abundance of information posted throughout the building. I discovered quite a bit about Itasca and life in the past in general.

You don’t have to live in Itasca to find its history intriguing. I am personally not a resident, but I loved learning about the storied past of a neighboring community. I think the neatest item I saw was The Game of Itasca — a Monopoly-esque board game all about the Village of Itasca. How fun is that?

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