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Greetings from the DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau! I’m Ashley – longtime DuPage resident, first time blogger. I will be heading out to various attractions and events to give you my angle on DuPage. I’ll share my thoughts and experiences in addition to photos and videos of exciting things to see and do in the entertainment mecca that is DuPage County. Unique and exciting attractions, events, and restaurants abound, and I’ll give you my first-hand accounts of my visits. Here’s the scoop.

I have never gone golfing. I have no golf related skills. I have no business at a place like Topgolf.

Or, do I?

Topgolf is for all skill levels, and you don’t even have to play to have a good time. When I walked out onto the golf bays, it felt like summer. It was a warm night, there was music floating out of the speakers, and all around me there were people eating, drinking, laughing, and having fun.

I hadn’t thought of Topgolf as a place to come and just hang out, but, after my visit last week, I can definitely see why you would choose this place as your retreat. You can unwind after work with appetizers and cocktails out on the patio or by the TVs in one of the lounges. I saw several groups of suit clad men and women doing just that. Now, they have the right idea.



However, I was there to experience the golf portion of this entertainment center, so I stepped up to the plate – er tee. After a little coaching, my trusty 3 club and I were ready to send one soaring. Concentrate. Eyes on the ball. Follow through. Just look at that form. Flawless.

I took a big swing and totally missed the ball. But, after a few more tries, I was hitting that ball like a pro. I even hit one that almost went into the red target nearest to our golf bay.


Ohhh yea. That was almost 3 points. Fortunately for me, we weren’t really keeping score, but there are five different games for those looking for a competition. Microchips in the golf balls track when you’ve made it into one of the targets out on the range. The computer keeps track of your stats and scores, so all you have to do is have fun.

I am in no way a golfer, but Topgolf puts a twist on the game that makes it entertaining and easy to follow along for even the most challenged of players. The venue also features 18 holes of mini golf. That may be a little more my speed. Even still, this is a great place to gather with friends and enjoy food, drinks, and a little friendly competition.

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