When it comes to sports, DuPage County is on a winning streak. The DuPage Sports Commission (DSC) is revolutionizing the local sports scene, turning the DuPage community into a premier destination for athletes and fans alike. Here’s how DSC is taking the sports experience to new heights.

Bigger Tournaments, Bigger Opportunities

Part of DSC’s mission is to bring large-scale, high-profile events to DuPage County. By partnering with local venues and assembling compelling bid packages, DSC has successfully attracted national-level tournaments to DuPage County. This not only boosts DuPage County's reputation as a top-tier host but also provides local athletes with the chance to compete at higher levels without leaving home.

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For many local youth, these events open doors to new opportunities, exposing them to national talent and creating pathways to future success. Moreover, welcoming these prestigious events for the first time helps grow sport participation and awareness on a national scale. DuPage is not just a spectator but an active participant in the evolving landscape of youth sports.

A Place for Sports Visionaries

Elevating the sports experience means focusing on the athletes and their needs for growth and development. DSC excels in this arena, bringing visionary ideas to life. A prime example is the Midwest Esports Invitational, created to address a gap in the esports community. Recognizing the expanding interest and potential in esports, DSC took the initiative to create an event that not only showcases talent but also fosters a sense of community among participants.

“The Midwest Esports Invitational is a catalyst for growth in the Chicago esports community, fostering competitive spirit and camaraderie,” said Mark Smithivas, a parent of a high school esports player. “Its impact extends beyond Chicago, setting the stage for the Midwest to emerge as a vibrant hub for esports. I left energized, seeing the opportunities for players, coaches, and parents who are building the ecosystem around esports as a new industry. MEI will be an important destination event in the years to come for others to connect, collaborate, and grow this endeavor."

This DSC initiative highlights the organization’s commitment to identifying and nurturing emerging sports trends, providing the necessary support to turn these visions into reality. This allows DSC to elevate the sports experience for participants while positioning DuPage County as a leader in innovative sports programming.

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DuPage Sports Commission Makes It a Complete Package Tailored for a Premier Experience

Many event organizers find themselves unable to put on successful events without substantial support. This is where DSC steps in, filling the gaps with essential support and services. DuPage County’s excellence in business and hospitality shines through, as DSC and its partners deliver premium services that ensure every event is a standout.

From securing local hotel partners and assisting with volunteer recruitment, DSC’s comprehensive event support covers all the bases. Their hospitality packages ensure that visitors and participants enjoy the best of DuPage County, with carefully curated accommodations, dining options, and leisure activities. Transportation logistics, often a headache for organizers, are smoothly handled by DSC, ensuring seamless connectivity for all attendees.  

DSC’s attention to detail and dedication to excellence transforms each event into a premier experience, reflecting the high standards of the community. Whether it's a small local tournament or a large-scale national competition, DSC’s expertise and resources make DuPage the perfect host, providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The Destination Itself Elevates the Sports Experience

DuPage County is unmatched in both location and amenities, making it a dream destination for sports events. With one of the top sports cities in the world—Chicago—as its neighbor, DuPage offers the best of both worlds: a rich sports culture combined with convenience and value.

Nestled in the western suburbs, just 20 miles from downtown Chicago, DuPage is easily accessible. DuPage’s proximity to both O’Hare and Midway International Airports, along with eight major interstates and an extensive rail system, makes travel a breeze. With over 100 hotels and resorts to choose from, there are accommodations to suit every budget and lifestyle.

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The appeal of DuPage extends far beyond sports, offering a unique blend of competition and leisure. From 500 miles of trails and 60 forest preserves to The Morton Arboretum, outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to explore. Golfers can tee off at 50 different courses, while thrill-seekers can head to The Forge: Lemont Quarries, an extreme-sport adventure park.

For those who prefer a more relaxed pace, there’s the award-winning Lynfred Winery and the expansive Oakbrook Center, one of the largest outdoor premier shopping centers. DuPage’s quintessential main streets feature twelve beautiful downtown districts, and food lovers will relish dining at iconic spots like Michael Jordan’s Steak House, Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse, and Ditka’s.


The DuPage Sports Commission is more than just an organization; the organization is a catalyst for elevating the sports experience in DuPage County. By bringing in bigger tournaments, supporting visionary events, offering comprehensive event services, and leveraging DuPage’s prime location and amenities, DSC ensures that DuPage is the ultimate destination for athletes, organizers, and fans. 

Ready to be part of the action? Visit DSC’s Events Page to discover upcoming events and join in celebrating the spirit of sports in DuPage County. See you there!