The Morton Arboretum

With 1,700 acres and more than 222,000 live plants, The Morton Arboretum is an impeccable setting for leisurely strolls, bird-watching and family outings. Spend the day exploring the grounds and take in the vast degrees of the ever-changing seasons expressed through nature. 

When Joy Morton, founder of the Morton Salt Company in Chicago, established The Morton Arboretum in 1922, he envisioned a “great outdoor museum” of trees. True to his vision, The Arboretum conducts ongoing leading scientific research on tree health and tree improvement, collects and displays trees for study and enjoyment on the grounds, offers educational programming for adults and children and presents nature-related activities year-round for people of all ages and interests. The living collections continue to inspire visitors to appreciate, learn about, plant, and protect trees.

Arbor Day
Joy Morton’s father, J. Sterling Morton founded Arbor Day in Nebraska on April 10, 1872. The legacy continues with the Arbor Day Weekend Celebration every year at The Morton Arboretum. This annual is a favorite among guests and features family-friendly events and even include a Block Party around Meadow Lake.

The Morton Arboretum is featured as one of DuPage County’s Natural Wanders.



“Visit, explore, learn and experience the joys of the ever-changing seasons 365 days a year.”