Forest Preserves

No other factor contributes to the wellness, peace and healthy lifestyle of all 38 communities quite like the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County. Over 4.2 million residents and visitors alike venture to its numerous locations to bike, hike, golf, and explore nature. The recreational playground is comprised of 26,000 acres or 13% of the entire county. 

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Popular Forest Preserves in DuPage County

  • Blackwell Forest Preserve*
  • Danada Equestrian Center*
  • Fullersburg Woods Nature Education Center
  • Herrick Lake
  • Kline Creek Farm
  • Mallard Lake
  • Waterfall Glen
  • Pratt’s Wayne Woods
  • Saint James Farm*
  • Springbrook Prairie
  • West Branch
  • Willowbrook Wildlife center

*Featured in DuPage County’s Natural Wanders


The Forest Preserve’s Top 10 list of activities to get yourself outdoors. Not sure where to start? Visit for specific locations, suggestions and attractions.

  1. Walk a national trail
  2. Take a trail less traveled
  3. Brid a preserve
  4. Climb it
  5. Bike it
  6. Join a ranger-led program
  7. Go for a picnic
  8. Play with your dog
  9. Explore history
  10. Pause and reflect

Visit for a complete listing of preserves and activities.