DSC was the natural progression for DuPage County in the sports and recreation space, with a focus on collaborative sports development that serves athletes, planners and the local community.   


  • Created by the not-for-profit organization DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB), the DuPage Sports Commission (DSC) was founded in 2019 to harness the power of sports tourism on behalf of DuPage County’s 38 communities and one million residents. The DSC is uniquely positioned to advocate for and actively impact the health of DuPage communities through strategic growth as an amateur, youth and professional sporting destination.

    Through partnerships, collaboration and transparency, the DSC will continue to build a fully-realized sports tourism program with long-term sustainability serving DuPage County. 

  • No other market has the reach of sports — youth win through activity and competition; businesses win through destination enhancement and media attention; and communities win through tourism dollars. When the DSC succeeds, so do local youth programs, regional commerce and area families.

    An Overview of the National Sports Tourism Industry: 2021
    (Sports Tourism: State of the Industry Report 2021, Tourism Economics)

    Total Tax Revenues: $12.9 Billion

    Total Direct Spending: $39.7 Billion
    $9.7B– Transportation
    $8.4B – Lodging
    $7.5B – Food & Beverage
    $5.3B – Recreation
    $5.0B – Retail
    $3.7B – Tournament Operations

    Overnight traveler, per person trip: $317, an increase of $11 year-over-year but below pre-pandemic levels ($359 in 2019).

    Sports travelers: 175 million, only 2.6% lower than the high-water mark established in 2019 of 179 million.

  • DSC is here to help create the ultimate participant experience.

    • Sports Event Development & Recruiting
    • Event Promotion, Marketing & Media
    • Travel & Housing Coordination
    • Event Logistics & Management
    • Information Resource for Athletes
    • Facility Development & Improvement
    • Financial Support & Incentives

    DSC has worked with sports of all types - from men's and women’s flag football to pickleball, footgolf, racquetball, and more. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how we can serve you here in DuPage. 



  • 2022 TYR Pro Swim Series
    2021 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships
    2021 Lombard Cycling Classic
    2019 BMW Championship
    2019 USA Weightlifting National Junior Championships
    2019 USA Powerlifting Raw National Championship
    2019 DuPage Triple Crown
    2017 USA Weightlifting National Championships
    2015 USBC Junior Gold Championships