Vision Statement


Grow. Prosper. Share.

Sports is about people. It connects. It transcends. And it moves people in unison. Let’s harness that unison for the greater good of our community. DSC is aware of the unique platform afforded by bringing people together through sports and is committed to creating opportunities and initiatives that serve those who work, live and play in DuPage.  

Through action, we can help people grow, prosper and share. DSC’s compass will guide our community involvement and best practices. Focused on meaningful outcomes, our partnerships will support this vision — moving in unison — ultimately creating long-term social engagement and a sustainable pool of resources.    

The four pillars of our compass: wellness, youth pathways, education, and quality of place.


Success cannot be achieved without wellness. Wellness drives us physically and mentally. As the healthiest county in Illinois, this is a natural extension of our work alongside the values and resources within DuPage County.       

Youth Pathways

We live in the third largest metropolitan area in the U.S., with a highly skilled and educated workforce right here in DuPage. There are many pathways to success — sometimes all someone needs is a little inspiration and insight. With the right people at the table, we can show our youth the tools they need for success and provide the outlets needed to hone their strengths.      


Practice makes perfect, in sports and in life. It starts in school. We are lucky enough to have the #1 rated public school system in Illinois and 19 accredited colleges and universities. The possibilities here are endless.

Quality of Place

You often hear people talk about quality of life. We want to talk about quality of place. At its very basic level, this can mean safe surroundings — we know from Maslow’s hierarchy, this is essential for higher actualization. The platform exists in DuPage, and when moving in unison with our other three pillars — and the support of strategic partners — the vision becomes complete.

When DSC as an organization was a mere goal on paper, we did an exercise to help discover our own voice as well as that of DuPage County. The results were remarkable. Connectivity, health, knowledge, higher learning, exploration, family, and balance were words that dominated our conversation. Years later, they still ring true. We believe GPS and its four pillars are an authentic representation of DSC – who we started as years ago and the space in which we plan to occupy in the future. We welcome you to join us in mission and vision.