Expo & Team Areas


The Cyclocross National Championships has three areas available for vendors and teams to setup:

  • Small Team - this area is for amateur teams only and is limited in space
  • Large/Pro Team - this area is for teams only and is only for supporting competitors
  • Vendor Expo - area for businesses to display/sample/sell product, provide services or general marketing

Large/Pro Team parking is located on pavement and additional items (tenting, power, etc … may be arranged through the LOC). 
Small/Amateur Team area will be located on grass and no power or water will be permitted, only propane heat.

Vendors and businesses wishing to display and/or sell product at the event AND support competitors may do so in the Vendor Expo. Team areas are only for racer support activities.

For Large/Pro Team and Event Expo areas, please fill out the form stating your organization, which area and size space desired, as well as any other ancillary items you are interested in (i.e. tenting, heat, water, power). Please also note if you will be parking large vehicles and their size. 

Small Team area may be reserved online here: