Love sports? So do we. We also get to make it our job and we consider ourselves pretty lucky to do so. To many people though, what we do is a mystery. Today, let’s tackle that. For those who follow us on social media, you often see the end result of our work: a calendar of sports events and some of the names, faces, and stories connected to those events. But the heart of what we do is behind the scenes in the intricate web of sports administration.

There are sports commissions representing many destinations throughout the United States. Our priorities may differ, but ultimately all sports commissions bolster the sports landscape while ensuring that sports tourism contributes to the local economy. DSC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization and our mission is to harness the power of sports tourism on behalf of DuPage County’s 38 communities and one million residents.  Let’s take a look at the top five ways we accomplish that.

1. We drive business to DuPage County.
We travel across the United States, building relationships with different stakeholders (event organizers, national governing bodies, and local organizing committees) to showcase DuPage’s ability to host events big and small, youth, amateur and professional, throughout all four seasons in partnership with our local venues. When we find a piece of business that is a good match for DuPage, we go for it. That entails putting together a complete bid package and offering our services as the local expert on the ground. In some cases, we present a turnkey solution for a national scale event. When we land that business, that is a win for DuPage sports and the economy. These sporting tournaments bring people to DuPage from near and far, and during their stay they spend money at many local hotels, restaurants, attractions, and businesses. The revenue generated by their stay is sports tourism. And our local athletes benefit from premier events in their own backyard.      

Group of adults on sports site visitPGA Tour Site Visit

2. We make things happen.
When events go off without a hitch, it’s because there are many partners working behind the scenes to make it look seamless. DSC is a big part of that, “the glue” so to say handling logistics and other needs for particular events. Who do we work with? Our sporting facilities of course, but also hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, and professional partners such as transportation companies.     

3. DSC creates and runs its own events.
This is a strategic decision, ensuring stability and consistency for sports tourism here in DuPage. DSC currently runs two events: the Lombard Cycling Classic and the Midwest Esports Invitational. Check them out!

4. We are focused on meaningful outcomes for our community.
Sports bring people together. Since 2021, DSC has supported several initiatives that serve local youth and created several initiatives of its own. These initiatives not only nurture young talent but also promote the values of discipline and physical well-being. By investing in youth development programs and outreach initiatives, DSC hopes to inspire and empower individuals of all backgrounds to strive for success in all areas of life. Simply put, we want to inspire the community through sport.  

High school youth attending basketball clinicOwning Your Path, Flight 25 Basketball Clinic

5. We are sports advocates.
This area is broad and often the intangible part of what we do. Let’s call it the three C’s: conversations that protect and drive investments; collaborations that generate new opportunities; and championing the interests of athletes, sports organizations, local businesses, and our residents. The goal is a cohesive and sustainable sports tourism program.

Our reach extends across all levels of sports participation. There is so much more we could touch on from managing volunteers to hosting site visits to DSC’s relationship with venues. But hopefully this left you with a greater understanding that sports commission are an often-unseen influence behind a thriving sports culture.