Buona / The Original Rainbow Cone - Darien

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    Immerse yourself in Chicago's culinary scene with our iconic street food: Italian beef, Chicago-style hot dogs, and pizzas. Created with care using fresh ingredients and all-natural beef, our dishes represent the essence of the city's culinary legacy. Legend has it that the Italian beef sandwich originated during the Depression era, providing a flavorful and economical option for Italian-American gatherings. This tradition continued with stands like Carl Buonavolanto's Mr. Beef, where the signature Buona recipe was born. Since 1981, Buona Beef has honored this legacy, maintaining the authentic recipe and slow-roasting process that sets our sandwiches apart. Preservative and additive-free, each bite captures the true taste of Chicago. Join us to experience the timeless flavors of Buona Beef, a tradition spanning over 40 years. And don't miss out on the legendary Original Rainbow Cone – a cherished ice cream delight for over 95 years. Indulge in the iconic stack of five flavors meticulously crafted into one cone, showcasing the rich food heritage of our city.

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