Things to Do

Looking for something to do? We hear you. Nowadays, every activity is an even greater opportunity to find a piece of normalcy, fulfillment, new challenge or perhaps serene escape. We invite you to explore what it means to Discover DuPage — and find your next uplifting moment.

Things to Do in DuPage County

Outdoor Activities, Museums & History, Events and More in DuPage

Bask in The Great Outdoors 

Looking to immerse yourself in vast outdoor spaces? DuPage County is a hidden hub for nature. Our communities are home to more than 60 forest preserves and 500 miles of trails that are bustling with nature and eagerly waiting to be explored. Walk, run, or cycle in any DuPage community, or travel throughout the county via the Illinois Prairie Path. Additionally, visit a DuPage park district with even more outdoor experiences. If your desired destination is on our list of pet-friendly places, feel free to bring them along (be sure to check for further details)!  

Challenge Your Mind 

Learn locally in DuPage. Whether you’re interested in absorbing art or history, or if you’d prefer to hone in on a new skill, there’s a spot waiting to be discovered in DuPage. Be sure to check our list of museums to find the ones that excite you the most and pay them a visit! To discover your newest talent, try out a lesson in art or even cooking! These destinations provide engaging educational activities for all ages. 

Elite Entertainment 

There is no shortage of entertainment opportunities within our communities. DuPage offers a wide range of memorable nights out and enjoyable daytime activities. Play a game, see a show, or experience a unique exhibit. View our full list of entertainment ideas to start planning your next outing. Gather the whole family or a small group of friends; entertainment awaits! 

Sensory Delights 

Get out and experience the various events and attractions in our communities. Treat yourself to a delicious meal prepared with passion at one of the many restaurants DuPage has to offer. Gather a group of friends and grab a beer at a local brewery. Find your zen during a well-deserved spa day. Stop by a sensory garden to indulge your taste, smell, touch, sound, and sight. The possibilities to enjoy yourself really are endless in DuPage. 

The Ultimate Retail Adventure

Stroll through our charming downtowns for a hint of shopping sprinkled in with a quaint sense of community. Prefer a different scene? Spend a day wandering through a shopping center to find your new favorites.   

Reclaim inspiration and keep planning for tomorrow.