GPS - A Tourism Roadmap

The DuPage Convention and Visitors Bureau (DCVB) markets the entire geographic area as a premier destination for both business and leisure travels. The organization has played a critical role in building the industry and the $2.4 billion that visitors spend in the County annually.

While achieving impressive growth, DuPage County faces aggressive competitors that are targeting many prospective DuPage visitors, attempting to convince them to travel to other destinations.

Given this competitive landscape, it was more important than ever that the county’s visitor industry develop a Tourism Roadmap that helps identify future opportunities and challenges, along with a set of strategies and tactics to capitalize on these factors.

Throughout 2016, the DCVB directed the project along with Nichols Tourism Group and their alliance partner, The National Laboratory of Tourism and eCommerce. We thank the hundreds of industry professionals who participated in the process of crafting this Tourism Roadmap. The DCVB Board of Directors adopted the plan on April 20, 2017. Rollout of certain measures of the
plan are already underway.

Roadmap Report Executive Summary

Preliminary Findings

Watch key stakeholders explain the benefits of implementing a strategic roadmap for DuPage's growth as a travel destination.