Lisle and Wood Dale Municipalities Creating Economic, Cultural and Personal Opportunities for its Residents and Businesses

OAK BROOK, IL — The DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau (DCVB) … is pleased to welcome the Village of Lisle and the City of Wood Dale as their newest members. As the state-certified and destination marketing accredited (DMAP) bureau for DuPage County, DCVB will promote these communities on regional, national and international platforms. Lisle and Wood Dale’s participation in DCVB is timely, as the organization launches an education campaign to highlight the need for greater collaboration and investment in this important base industry of DuPage’s economy. Lisle and Wood Dale join with the DCVB’s 16 other member municipalities to help build a formidable presence in an increasingly competitive marketplace and join hands in destination development.

Since the launch of its comprehensive strategic plan in 2017, DCVB has remained focused on creating a sustainable, competitive advantage for DuPage County. “Protecting and advancing this industry and its tremendous impact on local and state economy must be an entirely collaborative effort,” said Executive Director Beth Marchetti. “The municipalities of Lisle and Wood Dale understand how important it is for us to unite together to create a vibrant place to live, work, play and visit.”

DCVB’s sales and promotion programs drive regional economic growth, helping to fill hotel rooms and ultimately generate more retail, dining, entertainment and recreation. At DCVB’s 2019 Annual Meeting in September, Marchetti unveiled a new tourism plan called the “650 Challenge” to grow DuPage’s share of Illinois’ vibrant tourism industry. Four key areas of opportunity -- meeting incentives, sports tourism, demand generators and greater promotion of DuPage – anchor the new plan. Targeted initiatives to create greater county awareness, as well as drive additional meetings, conferences and events will ultimately result in an additional $650 million in new visitor spend by 2025, more than one million new hotel room nights and an additional $11.5 million in local taxes to support DuPage communities.

Marchetti reiterated that the 650 Challenge is in support of people, jobs, community, and success for the entire DuPage region. “This past year has been significant for the DCVB and our industry. We continue to push forward on major initiatives, with a focus on success for the entire region. We need to be bold and aggressive. And a new tourism plan – the 650 Challenge -- is how we get there.”

Marchetti noted several immediate opportunities including Frida Kahlo 2020, DuPage Sports Commission’s (DSC) US National Cyclocross 2020 and the 2021 USBC Women’s Open. These are prime examples of events and tournaments that will benefit these two new communities, as well as the entire county of DuPage.