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    Classic Chicago street food, such as Italian beef, Chicago-style hot dogs and pizzas; elevated with fresh ingredients, all-natural beef, a family recipe and a friendly atmosphere that could be enjoyed by all. Legend has it that the Italian beef sandwich was invented in Chicago during the Depression. The thinly sliced beef and homemade gravy provided an economical way to feed crowds at Italian-American weddings and banquets at a time when few could afford more. Italian beef food stands followed, eventually including Carl Buonavolanto’s Mr, Beef. Carl was Joe’s brother, and created the signature Buona recipe which he shared with Joe and his family. Joe and Peggy used that exact recipe when they opened Buona Beef in 1981, launching a legacy that is still going strong more than 40 years later. Today the founding brothers, third-generation Buonavolantos and an amazing team, help keep the Buona Beef Sandwich as the one and only: Authentic Original Italian Beef of Chicago. Preservative -and additive-free, and marinated in gravy made from the beef drippings that are released as the meat is slow-roasted, which is the same painstaking process used for four decades. This is truly what makes the Buona Beef so good.

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