From the playful antics of lions, tigers, and bears at the zoo to the serene beauty of horses, this blog uncovers the wonders of wildlife in DuPage County, fosters appreciation for our furry and feathered neighbors, and celebrates the bonds that connect us with the animal kingdom.

Brookfield Zoo
Member of the Chicago Zoological Society
As one of the world’s most dedicated zoological institutions, Brookfield Zoo stays true to its mission of “inspiring conservation leadership by connecting people with wildlife and nature.” Not only do they offer a wide variety of educational opportunities and animal encounters for the public, but they are also on the forefront of animal research and conservation efforts. 

Cosley Zoo
Celebrating 50 Years in 2024
If you’re looking for a zoo on a smaller scale, this animal oasis is the perfect place. The zoo exclusively features native animals in domestic environments. From small birds and critters, to horses, goats, and cows, Cosley Zoo aims to create connections and empathy with animals all around us while teaching the community about animal conservation.

Danada Equestrian Center
White picket fences, a charming mansion, and a legend in horse history beckon you to explore these graceful grounds. The name is a combination of the original owners Dan and Ada Rice, who established the farm in 1928. Decades later, the Forest Preserve District of DuPage County purchased the land to restore and transform Danada into what it is today. The Ada L. Rice stables are still in regular use today and are frequently visited and enjoyed by horse lovers from near and far. 

Fermilab Natural Areas
As part of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, this is one of the largest restored prairies in the Midwest – home to roaming bison. It was the vision of Fermilab’s founder, Robert Wilson, to be at the “frontier of science while also bringing back the original frontier.” The first heard of bison were brought to the lab in 1969 and have continued to be a visitor draw for nearly half a century.

Bison at Fermilab

Willowbrook Wildlife Center
For over 70 years, this native wildlife rehabilitation facility has provided care and medical treatment to thousands of injured, sick, and/or orphaned animals. People come from near and far to bring wildlife to the center to give them the care they need. It also serves as a resource to teach local residents about living in harmony with local wildlife, and what to do in the event they come across an animal who needs rescuing. 

birds sitting on perch in enclosed area
Photo courtesy of Forest Preserve District of DuPage County