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Be Well and Flower On
Andrew’s Garden
Owners: Andrew and Tonya Parravano

You may not be able to jaunt off right now to Paris, London or Amsterdam. But you certainly can feel like you’re there. Plan a stop in at Andrew’s Garden.

Stepping into Andrew’s Garden, you’re transported to the type of fine gift and flower boutiques only found overseas. Make no mistake, it is a sophisticated experience, the best “floral couture” if you will. Yet, thanks to Andrew and Tonya, paired with an easiness and approachability of a true neighborhood store. We say Andrew’s Garden is a perfect combination of sophistication and small-town charm — right at home in DuPage County.    

Like many other small business owners, Andrew and Tonya left behind successful careers to follow their true joy and passion. Their commitment to service, quality and genuine connection to clients proved a winning formula. Too few years later, COVID-19 hit. The pandemic made them re-evaluate everything about their business and lives. Thankfully, with unwavering dedication, a reimagined future, and the support of employees, customers, family and friends, Andrew and Tonya are still welcoming customers through their doors today.

Often flowers are saved for special occasions. Isn’t every new day something to celebrate?

In Tonya’s words, “BE WELL and FLOWER ON.” We can’t think of a better sentiment to power our day.

Andrew’s Garden is recognized as a premier florist, known for exquisite and unique floral arrangements as well as exceptional wedding and event floral design. For more information, visit their website