Meditation for Healthy Living

3 Part Virtual Meditation Series - First 3 Mondays of every month

Presented by DuPage Convention & Visitors Bureau in partnership with the Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center in Lisle, IL. 

Science of Spirituality International Meditation Center is an international non profit organization dedicated to transforming lives through Meditation.

An experienced facilitator of Meditation will guide you each week with techniques and strategies to help you learn the art and science of meditation and transform your life.

Virtual Class Schedule* 
All classes take place 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM CST

First Monday of the Month - Relieve Stress through Meditation

In a global pandemic, when work and home collide, and social uncertainty surrounds us, it's a joy and a relief to discover peace and stability within us through meditation. Your attention, drawn within, is an abundant source of peace and calm can relieve stress and improve physical, emotional and spiritual health. Learn about and practice a simple method of meditation that you can use anytime, anywhere.

Second Monday of the Month - Unlock Joy through Gratitude and Meditation

What would happen if more people used gratitude and meditation to find joy and reduce worry and fear? Our minds have negative thought patterns, which effect us throughout the day. Gratitude and meditation can help our physical and mental health and improve positive social behaviors in our lives. Explore how our minds and lives are positively impacted by gratitude and meditation, and practice a simple method of meditation to help with the ups and downs of life.

Third Monday of the Month - Choosing Peace: Meditation for Patience

With information overload and distraction everywhere, it's exciting to experience how meditation can help us find calm and make choices that serve us best. While the concerns of our mind are strong, there is a power within us that is stronger, that can dissolve fear and anger. Identify opportunities to bring more peace into your day and learn a simple method of meditation to help anywhere, anytime. 

How to Participate

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